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Wabi-sabi is not only an aesthetic, it is also a philosophy born out of a Japanese world-view based on Taoism and Zen Buddhism. In Taoist cosmology, it is believed that all things that are manifest in the world come from the great void know as the Tao, and eventually everything shall return to the Tao. […]

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I recently learned about the Japanese aesthetic referred to as “wabi-sabi.” For many years I’ve been trying to describe this very thing with my somewhat limited English vocabulary.  When I stumbled upon the term wabi-sabi in Mother Earth News, it was as if my personal view of the world had finally found a place to […]

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Art : Architecture : Feng Shui

My thesis project launched me into a career in architecture where I focused on combining beauty with form, function, and sustainability to enhance the human experience. My passion for sustainable living, led me to seek out sustainable alternatives to traditional building materials for my projects.

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