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What is known as “feng shui” in the West is based on a system of principles and a foundation of knowledge that was developed in China over the last four thousand years. The Chinese name for this area of study and knowledge is Kān Yú. Kān Yú literally means the Tao of Heaven and Earth. […]

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Understanding the Lo Shu

In Classical Feng Shui, we use many different tools and techniques to assess and measure the energy of the environment. Each one of these techniques is like a portal to the world of invisible energy. Some techniques are more complex than others. Understanding the Lo Shu and how time changes the numeric pattern helps us […]

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Early Heaven Bagua

“The cross in the middle of each of these mystical glyphs is like the X that marks the spot on a treasure map: it shows the location of the throne of wisdom and, if you will, the abode of soul. Perhaps these traditionally sacred images might also reveal the route by which we may approach and explore these mysteries.” -Ken Taylor

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