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While sustainability is the capacity to endure, remain healthy, well balanced, and productive over time; feng shui – as I practice it – is the art of creating a harmonious environment to support a sustainable livelihood. By weaving these two concepts together in an intelligent and artful way, I help people design and create environments that support their long term health, life work balance, happiness, and productivity.

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Enhance your Bedroom with Feng Shui

The role of feng shui in your bedroom relates to our health, well-being, and the quality of our relationships. The bedroom environment reflects the restorative, nourishing, and healing part of our lives. It should therefore be the most yin space in the house and feel nourishing, protective, restful, and free of distractions. In order for […]

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Environmental Feng Shui

The effects of our environment on our overall well-being can be attributed to what we call the feng shui of space. The feng shui of space relates to how we feel in an environment and how the subtle and invisible energies affect us. The more cumulative time we spend in an environment, the stronger the […]

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